Our School

Formally the 'Elizabeth School of Dance' our studios have been provided dance tuition to countless pupils many of whom have enrolled their children with us.

Our Mission

To provide a wide range of inspiring, inclusive and  creative dance experiences for children and young people across the Dearne Valley


Others teach 123... we teach 'and 5 6 7 8'

Our Rules

Dance is an art that relies upon mutual respect and discipline.

Always be on time. Lateness disrupts the class for others.
Try not to miss lessons. If you fall behind you may delay progress to the next lesson
Always pay attention. You must give the teacher your full attention.
Always wear the correct uniform. Remember to be smartly groomed for each discipline.
Mobile phones. Must be switched off and left in changing rooms or given to teachers
Food and Drink is not allowed. Those with specific needs must ask permission.

Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate and friendly.


Miss Emma V. Berrow

Our Priciple. M.I.T.A. is qualified in all aspects of dance and is a competitons adjudicator.


Miss Julie Reilly

M.I.T.A. is qualified by the IDTA specialising in 'Pointe Work' also a competitions adjudicator.


Miss Joanne Tindle

L.I.T.D.A. a very experienced teacher who has a gift for teaching the very young

Would you like to a enroll? Call 07500686368

Contact Form

Our phones will be turned off during lessons. Please use the form below to contact us.